Bondller tape Inc creates custom solutions for manufacturing customers using a wide range of materials. We are experts in converting PSA tapes, films, foils and other adhesive materials. We can also help guide materials selection and source top-quality materials using our connections with major suppliers like 3M™. Our materials expertise helps us deliver exceptional value because we understand the science behind the materials and what it takes to convert them to tight tolerances. If you have questions about tape or other flexible, adhesive materials, Bondller tape Inc has the answer.

Changing the Shape of Tape

Materials we work with

We help manufacturers across industries develop custom solutions using the materials best suited to meet their project requirements. The materials we work with include:

PSA tapes

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are used in nearly every industry for bonding, vibration damping, noise reduction, eliminating heavier metal fasteners and more. We work with double-sided tapes, single-coated tapes, adhesive transfer tapes, masking tapes and much more.

Foam tapes

Acrylic and general-purpose foam tapes provide good adhesion to a wide range of surface materials. Foam tapes generally resist impact, exhibit good insulation qualities, fill gaps and create bond lines that not only seal, but also distribute stress and damp vibration.


Foil tapes are generally flame resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, exposure to UV rays and many chemical compounds. These metal-backed tapes are made using industrial-strength adhesive formulations so they can last in harsh environments.

VHB tape

3M™ VHB™ tape — or “very high bond” tape — provides exceptional bond strength and good adhesion to most metals, glass and high surface energy plastics. VHB tape is most often used for bonding and sealing applications because of its strength, durability, ability to bond dissimilar substrates and other performance characteristics.


Film materials are used in a wide range of applications, including display enhancement, masking, surface protection, reflective sheeting, environmental management and more. We have created custom solutions for our customers using films made from polycarbonate, polyester, polyethylene, PTFE and photoluminescent materials.


From packaging to masking, paper tapes offer good tack and can adhere to a variety of substrates, including paper, plastic, metal, glass, fiberboard and more. We work with paper masking tapes, Kraft paper tape and other paper materials to add value for a wide range of applications.

Gasketing materials

Whether you’re looking to create an airtight seal or for vibration damping, gaskets can provide an effective solution. We can die cut gaskets made from a variety of materials, including rubbers, sponge materials, foam and other solid materials.


Rubber materials can be extremely versatile and are commonly used for gasketing, sealing, molding and other applications. We have experience converting natural rubber, silicone, neoprene, closed-cell and open-cell sponge rubber and other rubber materials.

Specialty materials

We often convert materials that are specialized for particular markets or applications. Some of the specialty materials we work with include electrical tape, medical tape, thermal materials, magnetic tape, specialty protective films and more.

Customer-supplied materials

If you have a particular material you would like to use, let us know. We’d be happy to review the material and can even conduct lab testing to ensure it’s conducive with your final application.

Add value with our materials expertise

Enhance your products and processes with our materials science expertise. Contact us to get started on your next project.


Materials science expertise

Our engineers are true experts when it comes to the tapes and other flexible materials we convert. We’ve worked with just about every material out there and that experience means we know how to adapt our processes to achieve tight tolerances, even with materials that are considered difficult to tool. We offer design assistance to streamline the early stages of product development, and our engineers can help manufacturers select adhesive materials for optimal product performance and manufacturing efficiency. We always work to get a complete understanding of your application and requirements so we can create custom solutions with quality materials to solve your most complex challenges.

Strong relationships with top suppliers

Our customers count on Bondller tape Inc to not only convert high-quality materials, but to help source those materials as well. We maintain strong relationships with many of the top suppliers in the industry. In fact, Bondller tape Inc is a 3M™ Preferred Converter, giving us a unique level of access to multiple 3M™ divisions and their complete catalog of high-quality materials. We can also connect our customers to 3M™ resources when unique questions or challenges arise, helping to enhance products and solve problems quickly. We also offer warehousing and distribution services to speed turnaround time for our customers. With deep materials science expertise and precision converting services, we leverage our connections and capabilities to add value to manufacturing operations.

Put our expertise to work for you

Contact us today to start your next project and see how our knowledge and experience working with tape and other adhesive materials can drive better results for your business.

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