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BONDLLER TAPE INCstocks factory standard sizes and log rolls of many different products. When those stock rolls are unavailable or the customer needs a non-standard size, we have the ability to slit the material according to the customers' specifications, providing tape converting for any configuration you may need. In some instances, the customer also requires tape converting with tighter and more precise tolerances than normal due to their own production needs. Listed below are Bondller tape Inc's standard and precision tolerances that are available for precision slitting services.

Slitting Services at Bondller tape Inc


Bondller tape Inc slits material using an array of different slitting methods. The methods include: lathe slitting, rewind slit, rotary slit, shear slit, extended liner.

Standard Slitting Tolerances

Film: ± .008"
Paper: ± .008"
Cloth: ± .020"
Composites: ± .008"

Precision Slitting Tolerances

Film: ± .005"
Paper: ± .005"
Cloth: ± .015"
Composites: ± .005"

Slitting Services

Bondller tape Inc offers precision slitting service including slitting tape, tape converting, and lathe slitting. Film slitting services and roll slitting services are also available. Contact one of our experts for more information or to Request a Quote.

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