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Precision Slitting Services

When manufacturers need to slit difficult materials or have an application that requires extreme precision, they turn to Bondller tape Inc. We are the industry leader in precision slitting services, offering multiple types of slitting and working with a wide range of tapes and other materials to meet nearly any need.

We specialize in tight tolerance splitting and devising solutions that enable greater speed and efficiency in your manufacturing operation. From master log rolls to smaller sizes, tapes to foils and nearly everything in between, Bondller tape Inc is your trusted provider of custom slitting services.

Slitting Services at Bondller tape Inc

Materials we can slit

Bondller tape Inc is your one-stop shop for sourcing and slitting high-quality materials. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we have unique access to premium 3M materials and offer precision slitting services for a wide range of pressure-sensitive tapes, film, foils and other materials. Some of the materials we work with include:

PSA tapes
Foam tapes
Transfer tapes
Specialty materials

Tight tolerance tape slitting services

Precision is what sets Bondller tape Inc apart from the competition. We use our proven expertise and strict process controls to make sure every cut in every run is exactly to specifications. We actually offer two types of tape slitting services — standard and precision — to make sure our process aligns with your application requirements. Here are our tolerance capabilities for a number of common materials:

Standard Slitting Tolerances

Precision Slitting Tolerances

Film: ± .008"
Film: ± .005"
Paper: ± .008"
Paper: ± .005"
Cloth: ± .020"
Cloth: ± .015"
Composite: ± .008"
Composites: ± .005"

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Our precision slitting capabilities

Bondller tape Inc is dedicated to making sure every cut we make is precise, accurate and meets your exact specifications. We match our equipment to fit your specific need, using the optimal slitting method for your application. Depending on the material being converted, we can work with a range of core sizes and will partner with your engineers to understand your application requirements. Our slitting capabilities include:

Lathe slitting

This technique involves affixing a log roll of tape to a mandrel and spinning it while a single circular blade is used to make precise cuts. This process is ideal for those who need very narrow widths or varying widths within a single web.

Rewind slitting

Rewind slitting sees material unwound from its core before being slit by a series of blades and then rewound onto new cores. This method is useful for applications where multiple core sizes are needed in the converted products.

Rotary slitting

In this method, tape material passes between two circular blades that are mounted to two parallel arbors. This technique is preferable for large-scale projects because it is often faster than other slitting methods.

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