At Bondller tape Inc, we don’t just convert tape and other flexible materials. We develop custom solutions for a wide range of applications, helping solve complex problems for manufacturers across industries. We have decades of experience working on solutions for things like bonding, gasketing and sealing, thermal management, electrical insulation and more.

We use our materials science expertise and converting capabilities to meet nearly any need, regardless of the application. Our services benefit our customers by helping them save on labor, reduce waste and improve the quality of their products. Learn more about our converting capabilities and contact us when you’re ready to begin your next custom project.


Changing the Shape of Tape


Bonding applications are critical for product performance and durability. But it’s not always easy to bond dissimilar substrates, achieve strong adhesion on surfaces with low surface energy or accurately fit adhesive materials into tight spaces during assembly. This is what makes our die cutting, slitting and other converting services so valuable.

We routinely convert VHB tape, double-coated tapes, transfer tapes, foam tapes, specialty tapes for industry-specific applications and more — increasing manufacturing efficiency and providing reliable bonding for projects with tight tolerances. Whether an application calls for bonding large parts like housing panels or very small components within a device, we can help you develop the ideal custom bonding solution to enhance your products.

Gasketing and sealing

We help manufacturers develop reliable, durable gasketing and sealing solutions using a wide range of flexible materials. Time and time again we’ve used our die cutting and other converting services to create gaskets and seals that meet exact specifications with tight tolerances. Common materials used in these types of applications include silicones, rubbers, neoprene, polyurethane and more.

We can cut these materials into custom shapes to create reliable seals for ingress protection, fluid management, or to create gaskets for noise and vibration control. Combined with our materials science expertise, we use our precision converting services to create truly custom solutions that meet the needs of your application and advance your business goals.

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Electrical insultation

As electronic devices get smaller and more powerful, product engineers need to find new ways to insulate components and increase power density. Converted flexible materials from Bondller tape Inc can provide the electrical insulation necessary to build the next generation of electrical devices. We regularly convert conductive tapes, foams, foils and other electrical insulation materials to tight tolerances for faster, easier manufacturing and assembly.

From advanced battery packs to solar-powered devices and everything in between, electrical insulation requires premium materials and thoughtful design. Bondller tape Inc can help guide decisions from the very start of the product development process and provide manufacturing insights and converting services throughout the project lifecycle to increasing efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Thermal management

Thermal management is critical for ensuring optimal product performance and longevity, and for protecting the safety of end users. While design is always a major factor in how thermal energy is managed within a device, material selection can go a long way toward improving thermal management performance. Common thermal management materials we work with include insulating foams, thermal interface materials, thermally conductive tapes and more.

At Bondller tape Inc, we can help prevent thermal runaway and keep devices operating at optimal levels using our comprehensive approach to thermal management techniques and materials. We’ll work with your engineers to understand your design and help you select the ideal material to meet the needs of your unique thermal application.

Other Applications

Manufacturing applications don’t always fit into neat little boxes and needs often overlap. For applications that defy categorization or fall outside those listed above, Bondller tape Inc is ready to help with custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. We can help you maximize the utility of materials to help simplify designs and improve product performance. Bondller tape Inc is perfectly positioned to help with unique applications because we adjust our approach and processes based on your project requirements and business goals.

If you have a unique application or need to convert a material that is difficult to tool, give us a call. We’ll review your project requirements and explore all the ways we can add value to your manufacturing operation with our prevision converting services.

Let us create the perfect solution for your unique application.

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