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Warehousing and distribution

In addition to our tape converting capabilities, Bondller tape Inc is proud to offer distribution services for a wide range of products. We receive materials, finished products and commercial off-the-shelf items (COTS) from the manufacturer and distribute them directly to you. We currently stock products from a wide range of manufacturers, product ranges and industries, as well as many different sizes. Quick turnaround on these critical products helps our customers improve inventory control and increases efficiency and productivity. With our distribution services, you get the products you need to keep projects on schedule and achieve optimal operational efficiency.


Distribution services that add value

Are you short on warehouse space for materials inventory? Do you have products you use and reorder consistently? Want to feel
more confident you can get the critical products you need as soon as you need them? If so, Bondller tape Inc’s distribution services
are right for you.

With a distribution or stocking agreement, we’ll hold products in stock so they are ready when you need them. We then deliver
products directly to your manufacturing facility with reliable, on-time delivery you can count on.
Our distribution services increase the pace at which manufacturers can make decisions, helping you manage your supply chain
and improve inventory control. We also make consistent re-purchasing fast and easy so you get the products you want, when
you want them.

Bondller tape Inc is proud to be a preferred 3M converter, which means we have unique access to high-quality 3M products. We also
maintain strong relationships will all major materials suppliers to help our customers source the optimal material for a given

With our value-added distribution services, you can quickly and easily source the tapes, films, foils and other products you need
to achieve your strategic business goals.

Want to improve your supply chain management?
Our distribution services can help!

Strategically located for maximum impact

Bondller tape Inc is strategically located in Hongkong, putting us in close proximity to major manufacturers and industry hubs. Our location can be a competitive advantage for our customers, making it faster to source materials and deliver finished products. While we are proud to be a leading tape converter in the Asia, we work with manufacturers across the country and can deliver solutions anywhere you need them.

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